Holy Trinity Parish Council

The purpose of a Parish Council is to advise the Pastor in leading the spiritual community. After a brake in the meetings from March, we restarted our meetings and meet once a month.
 Vickie Barela - Member - Meeting Chair
Paul Hilton - Member - Meeting Vice Chair
John Kim - Member- Recording Secretary
Dorothy Maurice - Member, alternate Recordimg Secretary
Jen Ishii - Member
Holy Trinity Church Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes
Meeting started Oct 19, 2022 at 7:04pm
Attendees:  Fr. Mike Dalton, Dcn. Steve, Vickie Barela (Chair), Paul Hilton (Vice-Chair), Dorothy Toni Maurice, Jen Ishii, John Kim (Recording Secretary). No absents. 
  • Opening Prayer – Dorothy
  • Parish Updates - Fr. Mike
  • Eucharistic Ministers, Alter Servers, Bereavement Volunteers: Currently enough to cover but concerned with no succession and backfill. Women altar servers welcome
  • More help with volunteers neededto raise awareness.
  • Parish Vitalization Ideas:
  • Printed Handouts available at the back of the church
  • Calendar of Monthly Events: Vickie to develop Nov/Dec content for distribution
  • Bulletin will be available online but additional hardcopy handouts to be offered from time to time, to compliment online bulletin.
  • Update on the Lecture “Where Have all the Young People Gone?”
  • New Business:
  • Solar Panel Contractual Agreement
  • Christmas Mass Schedule
  • Next Meeting date/time –
  • Monday Nov 14th @ 6:00pm Church Meeting Room (2nd Level)
Closing Prayer – John     
Meeting closed:  8:16pm