A Good Steward is Proactive. A good steward makes the choice as a true disciple of Christ and a light to the world



Our Eternal Reward
“Whoever wishes to come after Me must deny himself” (Matthew 16:24)
We all want to do our best…and we have come to believe that to do so requires that we present ourselves in a certain way…what we wear, the car we drive, the home we purchase. Appearance has become the first step toward success. As children, we ask Santa for that special toy; later in life we “need” the latest cell phone, laptop, or other electronic device. Some of us might live on credit just to keep up…with “The Joneses”. So, what’s this self denial in Matthew’s Gospel? What if we were to come a little earlier to church and spend a few minutes in our Eucharist Chapel; think a positive thought about a neighbor before we find fault; join a ministry and give just a little time to our parish. An immediate return of our investment of time? Probably not, but eternal life is forever…and that’s where our heavenly reward will be. 


The Land Of Milk And Honey
“We ought to go up and seize the land, for we can certainly do so” (Numbers 13:30)
We recently read of the Israelites freedom from enslavement…crossing of the Red Sea…through the arid and dangerous desert…and now to the Promised Land. This opportunity was overshadowed by the report of mighty armies standing ready to defend this land causing a long delay towards deliverance. Once again, a lack of faith. Keeping the faith can often be a challenge. Shock can cause us to lose hope…as it has for so many in Maui. But on a smaller scale as well in our own lives. Didn’t get that promotion? Our son/daughter didn’t get the scholarship or choice of schools? Loan didn’t come through? Health concerns? Major obstacles can stop one in their tracks. But our trust in the Lord can restore peace and hope. Let’s trust in Him and in each other. Practice stewardship.


"You Can’t Out Do God’s Generosity” 

           Good News to the Parishioners of Holy Trinity Church
Sep 17, 2023
  1. Dennis Brown, a gunshot victim, paralyzed from the waist down, was driving a specially equipped rental car when “...something went wrong…the car was on fire.” He panicked trying to get out of the car until an unknown woman came up and dragged me to safety. “That lady…that good Samaritan saved my life…she was my guardian angel.”
  2. There are an estimated 13.5 million trucks moving over 70% of US freight, representing 5% of all motor vehicles on our freeways. Tim Dean of Omaha, NE drove for Werner Enterprises for 35 years and has logged over 5 million miles, accident free, on the roads of America hauling everything from potatoes to technology products coast to coast. My goal, “...the next mile be my safest.”
  3. Feeling old? Well, Google launched from a garage in California in 1998, celebrates “her” 25th birthday. It’s hard to imagine a world before Google…from search engines…to ads…to pictures…Gmail…maps…YouTube…Street View…to Chrome…to who knows. 
  4. World Youth Day was held last month in Lisbon, Portugal and Pope Francis attended…so exciting for a pastry chef that he rolled out a new product…a cookie with Pope Francis’ image on it. 
  5. Thought for today: “Spread the love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” (Mother Teresa)
  6. Catholic Trivia: In Revelation 1:8 the Lord declares, “I am the Alpha and the ______________a Beta? b  Delta? c Omega? d Next at bat? 
  7. Think hard. Did something good happen this week? I’m sure it did. Then cherish that memory. Hold it in your heart/or in your mind; then when, things are challenging...recall that memory.
  8. Remember our gifts from God...continue to serve one another.
  9. Wearing your mask is now optional, but ushers will continue to offer hand sanitation upon entry to Holy Trinity Church. 
  10. Keeping current with Holy Trinity...easy. Check our website for the latest news and updates at
  11. Answer to No 6: “c” Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.


Executive Summary of Stewardship Committee Meeting Sept 6, 2023

The Stewardship Committee meeting was opened with a Prayer by Fr Tom at 6:30pm.

Current Business:

  • The committee was brought up to date on the Scam Presentation scheduled for October 18.
  • Fliers were presented for distribution by Ushers after Masses. Projections , Bulletin announcements and publicizing with neighboring Parishes and in the Catholic Herald was also discussed
  • In addition, preparation for APP Sunday, November 18-19 was discussed. Materials presented to committee. Speakers will be needed at each Mass.
  • AED training planning is still in progress. Next Meeting: October 12 6:30pm
  • The meeting was adjourned with a prayer by Fr Tom at 7:30pm.

Note: If you would like to become a member of Holy Trinity’s Stewardship Committee, contact

Bob White at