Stewardship at Holy Trinity Church

We can’t out do God’s Generosity

Holy Trinity Church is a Stewardship Parish, committed to growing in faith by doing for one another. Stewardship is a path to holiness by making us more like Christ, who came to serve, not to be served. Stewardship is more than a program or a means of fundraising. Stewardship is thanking God for all His blessings by sharing a portion of our God given time, talent and treasure with our Ohana both inside and outside of the walls of the church and our homes. Stewardship is an awareness, that all we have, and all we are, comes from God. When we offer our gifts to God in love, He blesses that generosity one hundredfold. As we steward, we achieve things on a scale and scope we never could otherwise envision.

Proactive Stewardship is choosing how to use our TIME wisely.

  • In prayer, at Mass, at parish and community activities, and ministering to our family and neighbors.

Proactive Stewardship is sharing our TALENTS.

  • Everyone is blessed with a talent and where there is a talent; there is a way to use it at Holy Trinity Parish.
  • There are over 40 Ministries at Holy Trinity Parish, find the one right for you.

Proactive Stewardship is giving our TREASURE from our heart.

  • It is a gift of thanks to God and a personal gift between you and God.
  • A good steward gives what in prayer feels right with God. The Lord expects no more-and no less.
  • Scripture suggests tithing as an acceptable way to give back to God.
  • Holy Trinity Parish practices stewardship of treasure by reaching out in support to a larger community, missionary work and disaster relief.

A Proactive Steward has a global view.

In the words of Pope Francis on April 24, 2013:

“In this period of crisis today, it is important not to turn in on ourselves, burying our own talent, our spiritual, intellectual, and material riches, everything the Lord have given us; but, rather to open ourselves, to be supportive, to be attentive to others. Set your stakes on great ideals, the ideals that enlarge the heart, the ideals of service that make your talents fruitful.  Life is not given to us to be jealously guarded for ourselves, but is given to us so that we may give it in turn.”