Helpful Links

There is a lot to know about the Catholic faith. The links below are just a few of the resources available. There are lots of assumptions by Catholics and non-Catholics of what we believe that is outdated or incorrect. Unfortunately, many Catholics end their learning of the faith after Confirmation. Some of us are Sunday-only Catholics. The links below will help to keep you informed and active in your faith.




  The Bible in a Year - read a little of the Bible each day with the goal of reading the entrire Bible in a year. Useful insights each day. Previous days are availble at the site. So you can binge listen


       Today's Scripture Readings from USCCB - US Conference of Catholic Bishops
     Word On Fire Scripture Insight from Bishop Robert Barron. His Sunday Homily is very informative.
      Vatican News
      Catholic Herald 
         Diocese of Honolulu News & Events


        Pauline Books and Media


List of HI Judiciary and Health Committee Members