Service Ministries

Altar Linen Ministry

Purpose: To wash and iron all altar linens that are used during all of our Masses.

When: After the completion of the week-end Masses.

Where: From the Church Sacristy.

Time Invested: Each person is given a month, and each weekend in that month the linens need to be cleaned.

Training: The only training is how to fold the Linens. Skills Required: How to wash and neatly iron.  Click here for details.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.

Arts and Environment

Purpose: Liturgical environment is the character of the liturgical space and, therefore, demands quality and appropriateness within a sacred setting throughout the liturgical year – Ordinary Times, High Feasts, e.g., Pentecost, and the Seasons of Easter and Christmas.

Time Invested: Saturday mornings approximately 2 hours.

Training: Mentoring and on-the-job training.

Skills Required: Organizational skills; expect the unexpected.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.

Baptismal Bibs Ministry

Purpose: When babies are baptized, they are presented with a white bib to represent a white garment unblemished by sin. The white garment represents putting on Christ. It is a sign of becoming a new creation, clothed with Christ. It is an outward sign of the Christian dignity of the baptized, allowed to bring that dignity unstained into eternal life.

Qualifications: Strong sewing skills; approximately 16 Bibs are needed a year.

Contact: Church Office: 808-396-0551.

Church Cleaning

Purpose: To clean our church before each weekend.

When: On Fridays from 7am to 9:30am.

Where: In our air-conditioned church.

Time Invested: Various jobs, approximately 2½ hours.

Training: Mentoring and on-the-job training.

Skills Required: A joyful heart, working together to clean God’s house.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.

Stewardship Ministry

Purpose: Promote the use of our time, talent and treasure for the good of our Parish family in order to complete our mission: “to be one with each other and with Christ in the Father so that the Holy Spirit may make Christ known to the world in us through Word and Sacrament, Prayer and Service.”

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Bob and Charlotte White.

Parking Lot Ministry

Purpose: To utilize parking spaces at all the Masses; must be patient and kind. Must be aware of drivers dropping off and picking up parishioners with disabilities, parishioners requiring handicap parking, observe fire lanes and restrict parking in no-parking areas.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.


Purpose: To visit and bring Holy Communion to people who are too frail to attend Mass; to maintain ties with our Parish Community.

When: Flexible, mutually agreed-upon time to be arranged with the homebound and the caregivers.

Where: In private homes or care facilities where the homebound live.

Time Invested: One-half to one hour per week per homebound parishioner.

Training: Individualized and/or group training will be provided.

Skills Required: Good people and communication skills.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551.