Educational Ministries

Baptism Preparation

Purpose: To teach young parents about Baptism. Our teams are currently made up of husband and wife teams.

When: We have classes for the young parents four times a year.

Goal: If we have four teams, each team will facilitate the class once a year for two Sundays.

Time Invested: Class is 1-½ hours.

Training: Will sit in on one set of classes to observe and learn from one of the teams.

Skills Required: Need to like to teach and love young parents and children.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Terri Koike and Marlin Van Vleet .

RCIA Rite of Christian Initiation

Purpose: The RCIA, a program of the Catholic Church, is oriented towards those who are searching and inquiring about the Catholic way of life.

THE THREEFOLD PURPOSE OF THE RCIA: Through the RCIA, the Catholic Church extends an invitation to: (A) Those who are not associated with a community of faith and who wish to become Catholics; (B) Those who want to convert to Catholicism from another faith. (For them, the RCIA is the process through which they will become full fledged Catholics); and (C) Those who want to learn about the Catholic faith. These individuals may be involved in interfaith marriages or simply are actively involved in a Church of a different denomination and they want to learn more about the Catholic faith in the spirit of ecumenism. While this program is oriented for adults, it accepts teenagers who are mature enough to participate in the RCIA.

Qualifications: A Baptized Catholic that has all their initiation Sacraments and is in good standing with the Catholic Church. This is a real team-building ministry. We are all teamed up with people who have been through the process before. The RCIA process is a journey that will inspire the facilitators, as well as those in the process of becoming Catholic. The RCIA fills all these needs of those who are searching and inquiring about the Catholic faith.

Contact: For those interested in this ministry, please contact Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Steve Kula.

Religious Education/EUcharist, baptismal, and confirmation Preparation

Purpose: To help children to develop a relationship with Christ by sharing the Gospel and the Catholic Doctrine.

When: Sept. through May from 3:00 to 4:00pm Saturdays.

Where: Holy Trinity school classrooms.

Time Invested: One hour preparation and class time; 2 ½ hours.

Training: Provided, plus “on the job” learning, Safe Environment certified.

Skills Required: Patience, ability to engage children, love of our faith with a desire to pass it on.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808–396-0551.