Administrative Ministries

Office Volunteers

Purpose: To assist in the everyday operations of our Parish administration as needed. Open to everyone.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, or apply in person and bring your willingness to serve.

Finance Council

The Finance Council (FC) is required by Canon Law to advise and assist the pastor in his responsibility for all the parish assets. The FC has six members who are appointed by the Pastor.

Purpose: The primary focus of the Finance Council (FC) is to assure that the intentions of the donors govern the parish financial expenditures and the administration of church property. In other words, the FC is the “watch dog” of the parish assets.

Time Invested: The FC meets every month with the Pastor to review and monitor budgets, financial reports, approve large expenditures, and long term planning.

Contact: For more information or to contact a member of the FC, please call the Church Office at 396-0551 or the Finance Council Chairperson, Kevin McCrary.

Maintenance Committee

Purpose: The Parish Maintenance Committee was created to assist the Parish in the development of a long-range plan for the maintenance and upkeep of our facilities. The committee has an architect, landscape architect, engineer, contractors and business professionals. The committee has completed a 5-year plan for work that needs to be completed at the parish. A special account has been created to assist in completing the five-year plan. Our Parish contributions from “The Grateful Hearts Campaign” are earmarked for large maintenance projects. Over the last five years the committee and the Parish have accomplished projects including a new parking lot, major roofing of the gym, repairs to the church roof, new sound system, new thrift shop and many routine maintenance projects.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Tom Fake.

Parish Council

Purpose: Our Parish Council is a group of people who represent the parish and assist in the growth of the church community. They are usually chosen by the pastor or church community and assist the pastor with long-term planning and other duties.

Planning & Implementing: A main duty of the parish council is to put together plans and priorities for the parish community. It may set policies for council members and the church as a whole, and it is responsible for making sure that programs that are planned are implemented.

Involvement & Decisions: A parish council must be sure to involve everybody in its work, such as involving the other church members in decisions. Asking the church members what they think of a particular idea is a good way to get everyone involved.

Cooperation & Contribution: The members of a parish council must be sure they cooperate well with the diocesan departments and with other parishes. They also contribute to the goals of the diocese and manage the land, buildings and property of the parish.

Contact: For those interested in joining the Council, please contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551

Stewardship Ministry

Purpose: Promote the use of our time, talent and treasure for the good of our Parish family in order to complete our mission “to be one with each other and with Christ in the Father so that the Holy Spirit may make Christ known to the world in us through Word and Sacrament, Prayer and Service.”

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Bob and Charlotte White.

Website Committee

Purpose: Updating and maintaining our website.

Contact: Holy Trinity Church Office: 808-396-0551, Paul Hilton.