In 1938 land was purchased by the Sacred Hearts Congregation for a new church. The new church, Blessed Trinity Chapel, was dedicated on January 8, 1939 and was a mission of St Patrick’s Church in Kaimuki, Oahu.  In 1944 we became an independent Parish with Fr. James Beynes, SS.CC as the first Pastor of Holy Trinity Church.

In 1958 a new “basilica-type” church, designed by architect George McLaughlin, was built and then dedicated by Bishop James J. Sweeny on December 21, 1958. The new church featured Stations of the Cross by Marcel and Helene Cailliet, parishioners using “gesso” medium (a technique of the 15th and 16th century) in a triangle format symbolizing the Parish’s patron, the Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity Church was renovated in the late 1990’s and features a new stained glass above the tabernacle depicting nature, God’s first creation.

Today, Holy Trinity Church is a vibrant, welcoming and active Parish with many ways to become involved and use the gifts and talents that God has bestowed on each of us. Participation at Holy Trinity Church offers an opportunity to meet Jesus.