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Our mission: Make Christ known to the world through Word, Sacrament, Prayer and Service. Our vision: is to be a welcoming parish committed to serving others.

Leaving Mass early, what’s the Rush?

People rush off before Mass has ended. It happens in every parish and it shouldn’t. This picture was taken in France. What could be so important that you leave right after receiving communion, get in your car, and drive off before the Mass has ended? It really is sad to see the last five rows of pews empty before the final blessing is given by the priest and dismissed by the deacon. Please reconsider the time that you give to the Lord when attending Mass. Our world is rushing us in too many areas of our lives and worship time should not be one of them. .

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Health Alert---For the Month of November

Due to the current rise in mumps cases in Hawaii we have received an advisory that parishes temporarily discontinue the distribution of communion through the use of the communal chalice. Therefore, for the month of November, no one will be receiving the Precious Blood at either daily or weekend Masses. Also, common sense should prevail when exchanging the Sign of Peace since we are approaching the annual cold and flu season. A simple bow to the persons around you or simply the words ”Peace be with you” seem more appropriate sometimes. Note: There is a Hand Sanitizer dispenser at the church entrance for your use.

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Thanksgiving Mass

Thanksgiving Day Mass will be celebrated at 9:00am, on Thursday, November 23. All are invited to come and give thanks to God for his wondrous gifts. This will afford us an opportunity to practice an act of stewardship at the offertory by sharing our gifts of nonperishable food items with those less fortunate. These donations will be shared with a local food bank. So please be charitable and bring such items as can goods, rice, cereal or our always favorite Spam. Remember we can’t outdo God’s generosity…but let’s try.

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News & Events

Sunday, 03 Dec 2017 @ 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM HST

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Brief Introduction to the Gospels

Friday, 15 Dec 2017 @ 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM HST

Brief Introduction to the Gospels...  Read more

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Ministry of Service - The Cleaning Ministry

When we are young, it is magic that your house was clean. As you got older, you realized that the order and cleanliness was the result of work of parents or siblings. At Holy Trinity, there are parishioners, who give their time to express their pride in our church by keeping it clean and organized. Many hands make light work. If you want to join the Cleaning Ministry, please contact Shirley Flake or sign up on Ministry Sunday, Nov 4 and 5.

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Thank You for Signing Up Ministry Weekend

Thank you very much for stepping forward during Ministry Weekend earlier this month. There were over 110 parishioners who signed up to contribute to make this an outstanding community. Many are first timers. They will quickly learn that participating in a ministry is very rewarding. You can join a ministry at anytime of the year. Go the Ministries tab at the top of the web page and explore the possibilities. Or, propose a new ministry. Father Mike is open to new ideas.

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Cottage Thrift Shop

We need more volunteers during the regular Thrift Shop hours . Please call the office at 396-0551 if you are able to volunteer. Or sign up during Ministry Weekend.

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Upcoming Special Masses

The Neocatechumenal Mass will be on Saturday, November 25 at 7 pm. Mass will be held in the church.

07:00 PM

The Healing Mass for November will be on Wednesday, November 29 in the Church. Praise and worship starts at 7 pm and Mass starts at 7:30 pm. All are invited

07:00 PM
Daily Masses
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri

On Thursdays, there is a Eucharistic Service at 5 pm. Thursday Nov 25 is a holiday. There will be a special 9 am Mass.

05:00 PM

Eucharistic Service on Thursdays at 5 pm

05:00 PM
Weekend Masses

Saturday Vigil

05:00 PM
Sun 07:00 AM
Sun 09:00 AM
Sun 11:00 AM